Tim Sweeney, Fornite Founder Believer Of "Decentralized Tech" Underlying Crypto

Melisa Webster
By Melisa Webster
Posted on Jan. 6, 2019
Tim Sweeney, Fornite Founder Believer Of "Decentralized Tech" Underlying Crypto

Announced recently, the official Fortnite merchandise store recently began to accept Monero (XMR) purchases through crypto-friendly payment service GloBee.

A recent tweet from a member of Epic’s top brass also indicates that there are a numver of crypto enthusiasts at the development studio.

Fortnite Founder Believes In Blockchain Technology

Tim Sweeney, the world-renowned computer engineer and founder of Fortnite creator Epic Games, came out recently and voiced out support of the “decentralized computing tech underlying cryptocurrency.” Touching on the Fortnite’s “brief foray” into cryptocurrencies via its store, the American developer noted that the acceptance of Monero was “accidental,” as somewhere along the way one of the firm’s partners activated support for the privacy asset.

He went on to explain further that “many of us at Epic (implying that he’s included),” are big fans of blockchain technology. And while Epic employees are fans, Sweeney noted that work needs to be done on “volatility and fraud-proofing” before bringing the innovation to the public, especially to the younger demographic who frequent Fortnite. He also added that in spite of the rumors, Epic doesn’t currently have any official crypto-centric partner nor any plans for a solid foray into this industry.

However, the Unreal Engine programmer noted that Epic continues to read “lots of papers” and talk to “smart people” regarding the subject, specifically in “anticipation of an eventual intercept.”

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