IBM Launches Blockchain Platform on Cloud in Melbourne, Sydney Up Next

Ken Austin
By Ken Austin
Posted on Feb. 12, 2019
IBM Launches Blockchain Platform on Cloud in Melbourne, Sydney Up Next

The blockchain platform of the IBM which is built on the hyper ledger fabric has released its second main net through the data centre located in Melbourne, Australia. Since it is a distributed ledger technology, the ledgers are often running from different locations. This latest launch will allow users to deploy their blockchain applications on the company’s cloud. 

ZDNet published an article on Feb 11 which informed the users that the technology would be accessible through the Sydney data centre as well by the end of the March. The multinational information technology company already has data centres sprawled across the globe including Tokyo, London, Dallas, São Paulo, and Toronto.

Colchester added that blockchain technology is widely applied and is “pretty much active” across all industries in Australia. He said, “I do very few education sessions nowadays, but there is a lot of discussions whereby clients are trying to understand how best they can apply it to the business problems they have."

In September of last year, Australian real estate major Vicinity announced it will trial a blockchain solution for its energy network. Through a partnership with Australian energy tech company Power Ledger, the trial became a part of Vicinity’s $75 million solar energy program in Castle Plaza — a mall located in Adelaide, South Australia.

Earlier in January this year, Pacific International Lines completed the real-time pilot tracking of the shipment from China to Singapore. The blockchain trial used IBM’s e-BL (electronic bill of lading) to ship 108,000 mandarin oranges for the Lunar New Year celebrations.

IBM has already announced an amalgamation of blockchain technology and IoT to strive against the drought in California. The company’s research and sensor tech partner, SweetSense has also collaborated with the University of Colorado Boulder to use the same technology combination to augment the groundwater usage.

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