Seven EU States Sign Declaration to Promote Blockchain

Elvira Rogers
By Elvira Rogers
Posted on Dec. 5, 2018
Seven EU States Sign Declaration to Promote Blockchain

Image Source: Ray Attard

According to The Financial Times (FT) report, Seven southern European Union member states have released a declaration calling for help in the promotion of Distributed Ledger Technology’s (DLT) use in the region.

The declaration was reportedly initiated by Malta and announced on Twitter. It was signed by six other member states, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and Greece, during a meeting of EU transport ministers in Brussels on Tuesday.

The participating governments explained that DLT could be a “game changer” for southern EU economies.

The document cites “education, transport, mobility, shipping, land registry, customs, company registry, and healthcare” as services which can be “transformed” by this technology. The group also points out that blockchain tech enables the protection of citizens’ privacy and making bureaucratic procedures more efficient.  

The report elaborates further: “This can result not only in the enhancement of e-government services but also increased transparency and reduced administrative burdens, better customs collection and better access to public information.”

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