40% of Chinese People Would Still Invest in Crypto

Ken Austin
By Ken Austin
Posted on Dec. 30, 2018
40% of Chinese People Would Still Invest in Crypto

A survey conducted by a local crypto news media PANews found that a remarkable 82.81 percent of Chinese polled think buying cryptocurrencies is a trendy investment and 40 percent say they would like to invest in cryptos in the future despite the current market taking a dip.

The survey, claimed to be the largest of such kind in the industry, asked 4,980 Chinese about their familiarity and interest in cryptocurrencies during Nov.26 to Dec.10, and finally collected 4,200 valid questionnaires.

Of the 4980 respondents, 82.8 percent believed that buying cryptocurrencies was still a "trendy" investment. 14.2% of the people polled had already invested in crypto, with most stepping into crypto after the 2017 bull run. 38 percent of respondents got their information and advice about crypto investments from celebrities and influencers in the crypto space.

Confidence in the future of crypto still remains relatively high, with over 40 percent of people polled saying they would still invest in crypto. Asked what put them off investing, 58 percent claimed that it was the complexity of the procedures involved, such as wallets and exchanges, while over 63 percent believed that crypto wasn't necessary as a payment method.

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